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About Us

Back in 2013, when they weren’t making carbon fiber race cars, founders Ann and Gabe Mountjoy set out to make carbon fiber casual for everyone.

This meant re-imagining what carbon fiber – the amazing material building the world’s best airplanes, rockets, and vehicles – can be. After lots of testing (and fires), they invented the world’s first carbon fiber hinge, introduced never before seen products, and created Common Fibers.

CF's founders have always been Honda and Acura enthusiasts.  This led them to sponsor numerous events and create promotional products for them.  Honda of America saw these products and decided they needed to be brought to market.  CF was granted an official license to produce Honda and Acura merchandise in 2018.   

Today we are producing this line of products for our fellow import fans!  If you are a Honda or Acura enthusiast with an idea for a cool carbon fiber product, get in touch